Saturday, February 27, 2021



..."Star Paws was a very troubled rescue dog, he was terrified of people and could not associate with other dogs at all without it turning into a fight. After a short stay with PYP he is like a new dog. He's now very comfortable around new people he meets and is more friendly with other dogs now like never before!"


..."Now I cannot walk as much as I used to, it doesn't mean that Lexy can't. I would highly recommend Place Your Pets, their level of compassion and the service they provide is top-notch!


..."I came across Place Your Pets by searching for dog day care facilities in the local area. Due to a work related change in our family circumstances we'd been looking for some sort of service where our pooch could be looked after 5 days a week during working hours. To leave our dog alone for 9 hours a day wasn't an option. She is a very lively and bouncy one year old Doberman who needs 2 hours of daily exercise at least.

Our pooch is not a badly behaved dog but we did have a few issues with recall, especially when she spots other dogs. Although she has the manners of a drunken sailor, she is very friendly and always wants to say hello to everyone she meets in order to engage in a bit of rough doggy play. She is not the easiest dog to control and not many dog handlers would undertake the challenge.
I contacted Place Your Pets and the owner agreed to meet and assess her. This was the best thing which has happened to us! Our little pooch was under Place Your Pets care. There are many people who think they can handle dogs, but there are very few exceptional ones who really can. Cris, the owner of the company, I can say is one of the exceptional ones...
After only a week of attending day care I noticed some very welcoming changes in my dog. She started to jump in and out of the boot of the car very easily. I had failed to train my dog to do this, but Cris managed it! She became a well socialized dog and she was more respectful to other dogs. She learned good doggy manners on her group walks. I could not believe the changes!
Place Your Pets has exceeded all our expectations! It wasn't just a basic day care. I honestly can say that Cris is a gifted man who understands dog behaviour. He knows how to handle, interact with and train dogs. We had more positive results than with all the sessions of training classes put together!
Place Your Pets day care is an excellent solution when you're stuck with your work and need some help. Our pooch is picked up from the house in the morning and dropped off to us in the evening. It's always on time with military precision. I look forward to hearing Cris' reports about our doggy's day and her behaviour. It helps me to understand her better as well...
This is very reliable company. I have had some changes in our routine a couple of times at short notice and Place Your Pets has always helped me to get it sorted. This is truly the best pet company I have come across. My dog loves Cris and is always trying to sneakily give him a kiss on the cheek...
We've been through doggy illnesses, 'the op' and some naughty times... Cris always has some good advice, support and calming words.
This is an exceptionally good pet care company which makes a big difference.
Many thanks"

Leda & Iya

..."As we are both away from the house at our jobs all day, we are so pleased to have found Place Your Pets, as they collect and return our retriever each day. We know that Simba is in excellent hands!"


..."The guys at Place Your Pets could not be more helpful; they walk my dogs several days each week and they have such a good time that sometimes it is difficult to get them in through our front door!"